Acessibility for Devs
Accessibility Front-End

An website to learn about acessibitity. Aimed at the devs world, you'll find countless tips on how to make your site accessible. Approaches since good practices to references to W3C official documentation. The site is constantly growing, and as an Open Source project, it's always open to improvements and reviews.


Como meu deputado foi eleito?
React Python

Do you know the concept of 'puxadinho'? This project aims to bring quickly the information that Deputies were 'pulled' and which were elected by their own votes. The purpose is the user can search for yours candidates and have a summary of elections results, in 2018.


Vuejs Quasar Firebase

I had the opportunity to put my knowledge into practice using Firebase (Firestore) and Quasar Framework. It is a system for registering problems that potentially will be appreciated by the IT Coordination of Unigranrio University


Data Analysis about the 2016 Elections

Data analysis Python

An opportunity to develop a Data Exploration Analysis project to elections for Mayor of Duque de Caxias city. It was some cool discoveries. It was a first project using statistical knowledges, as well data exploratory. It was a oportunity to work with Python language


ERSI - 2019
Institutional website

An opportunity to be a part of the team that working on development of the site for the Escola Regional de Sistemas de Informação, an Sociedade Brasileira de Computação event, 2019 edition, which will be hosted at Unigranrio University, at Caxias city

Emilena Gonçalves - Professional Page
Next React Tailwind

An opportunity to use React and Next in a project and use Tailwind too. One more opportunity to work with Design and Code in the same project

Star Wars - Planets Quiz
Vue.js Jest Tailwind

More the oportunity to exercise my knowledge about Vue.js. This time, I built a quiz app about the characters and yours homeworlds in the Star Wars Universe. The data come from Star Wars API. I used the Tailwind.css and Jest to execute some tests in code.



A package to calculate body-mass-index and some other helper functions