Emanuel Gonçalves

Pleasure, I am Emanuel Gonçalves, married and christian, Front End Enginner, enthusiast of Web Technologies, Accessibility and Semantic Web. I work with Front End at Storyblok. I have as hobbie the study in the area of Artificial Intelligence, especially Machine Learning, play chess and play guitar. I recognize the role of Open Source and development communities and, whenever possible, participate in them, especially in the Telegram. My motto is an African saying that says 'To go fast, go alone; to go far, go together'

My projects

Acessibility for Devs
Accessibility Front-End

An website to learn about acessibitity. Aimed at the devs world, you'll find countless tips on how to make your site accessible. Approaches since good practices to references to W3C official documentation. The site is constantly growing, and as an Open Source project, it's always open to improvements and reviews.


Como meu deputado foi eleito?
React Python

Do you know the concept of 'puxadinho'? This project aims to bring quickly the information that Deputies were 'pulled' and which were elected by their own votes. The purpose is the user can search for yours candidates and have a summary of elections results, in 2018.


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